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Adrian Preda. Distance and Duration

Expoziție temporară

Distance and Duration is the personal exhibition of Adrian Preda, curated by Ioana Marinescu, which opened at the National Museum of Maps and the Old Book, in the space for temporary exhibitions.

On view from December 19, 2019 to February 2, 2020

The artist exhibits a series of works – painting and graphics, along with the sound installation Moduler’s atmospheric reflections. The two components bring together the synchronization between art and music, as the two artists have done in previous collaborations.

The works belong to a new stage that widens the artist’s interest in the cosmic space and the symbolic mapping of a vast undertaking explored less in the traditional sense of the term and more with the help of science and technology.

Although it starts from the minute rendering of the surface of the Moon or of Ceres, a dwarf planet, Preda also remembers the moment when the discovery of new territory was made with rudimentary means, but still symbolic for travel and mapping.

The interest for the celestial bodies began in 2015 in the exhibition On Heavenly Bodies, with the image of the asteroids or the cosmic space, a natural continuation of the concern for the environment that gradually extends outside the terrestrial space.