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Răstimpuri. Marcel Aciocoiței – temporary exhibition

Expoziție temporară

Starting October 1st 2021, we invite you to visit a new temporary exhibition ”Răstimpuri. Marcel Aciocoiței”, opened at the Maps Museum.

This exhibition is the place where visitors can enter the artistic and inner universe of a museum man and an opportunity to meditate on aspects such as the mission of art or what it means to part with someone dear. It is a sincere enterprise, through which we want to express our regret for having lost our colleague, Marcel Aciocoiței.

Marcel Aciocoiței (1956-2020) or “Mr. Marcel”, as he was known among his colleagues, held the position of museum conservator for almost 15 years. He was actively involved in the organization and opening of the Maps Museum, and through his remarkable personality, he became an emblematic figure for this institution.

The exhibition is opened 1st October through 21 November 2021.

Access ticket: 5 lei

Marcel Aciocoiței (1956-2020) belonged to the small class of veritable men of culture, with an impressive intellectual horizon based on a thorough study of art, history and spirituality, guided by rigor and an ever-living curiosity. His discourse was in constant harmony with the way he lived his life and with what he was expressing through his mere presence. Constantly spreading an aura of dignity and nobility, Marcel Aciocoiței was inspired throughout his life by the inexhaustible resource of the values ​​of Romanian traditions and authentic Christian ideals. At the same time, he easily managed to connect emotionally with each person, regardless of the age of the interlocutor, and to captivate his dialogue partner through the freshness and originality of his remarks and his delicious humor.

This exhibition is dedicated to him and marks a year since his disappearance. Canvases and graphic works from different periods of his life are exhibited, giving the measure of his remarkable contribution to the contemporary art scene.

Curator: Ioana Zamfir.

Special thanks to the family and his friends for making this exhibition possible.